Quality Specialist Hair Extensions Nottingham

Supertress Hair Extensions Nottingham provide a wide range of hair extensions and brazillian blow straightening at our friendly salon in Hyson Green. We fit premium Afro European hair extensions. We use a range of different hair extensions methods and applications to suit your individual requirements.

Weft Hair Extensions Nottingham

Below are some of the premium quality specialist hair extensions we offer at affordable prices.

Remy Hair

This hair provide a fantastic texture identical to European hair,
last for approximately 3-6 months. It is available in many colours
It is an excellent choice for client looking for quality hair extensions at an affordable price.

European Remy hair

European hair is amongst the finest used in the hair extension world; this hair is top quality hair 100% natural Caucasian hair and is favoured by many celebrities due to it incredibly soft texture, it can be re-used from 6-18 months. This is the optimum choice for clients who wish to invest in high quality hair extensions.

Russian Remy hair

Russian hair is generally the finest hair in the world, incredibly soft, shinny, fine in texture yet strong and healthy even at longer lengths, it can be dyed or re-coloured for the first time with minimal impact on it conditions. This extension can be refitted for approximately 12- 18 months. The ultimate in extensions for clients whore desire nothing but the best.

Brazilian Remy hair

Brazilian hair is strong and thick and often favoured by client with African, Middle East or Greek ancestry. Great for people who find they need more than full head hair extensions to balance their own natural volume. These hairs are available in all hair texture and completely natural. It comes in natural colours ranging through browns and can be coloured. This hair is highly valuable and last for approximately 9 – 12 months.